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No, no and no. And probably NO.

I have not read the books and possibly never will. At some point I've been tempted to do so, at least in order to criticize them in a more meaningful way, but I don't have the need to spend my money on it, or the strength to go through that ordeal.

So... You may be wondering... If I have not read it, how am I going to criticize it?
Because... yes. Because I've read enough comments, both pro and con and because I want to, honestly.

What you should know about me is that I have always been attracted to passionate, complicated and problematic couples. But one thing is that both are bastards who tear each other apart, and another one is that only one of them has (or believes that he/she has) the power to destroy the other. And that it's something I can't deal with.

The first thing I will say about this is that BDSM practices seem really perfect to me. Everyone can do whatever they want sexually, as long as it is between two (or more) consenting adults, so that's not my problem with the book at all. My problem is that the author tries to pass off abuse, something as old as time, as BDSM.

From what I've read of BDSM practitioners, what Christian and Anastasia do has nothing to do with reality. Such practices need to be safe and constantly talked about, the dominant person in the relationship can't do whatever the hell they want at all times, while the submissive one has nothing to say. Everything is clear in a contract that it's decided between both of them, and I don't think it's like that in the books.

In this story there is no trust or security between the characters, there is no total understanding on the part of Anastasia of everything associated with this type of relationship, they are not under the same conditions and there is not clear consent at all times .

What's in this book it is psychological abuse, manipulation, sexism, violence, and a jealous and possessive dude that harasses and puts pressure on a girl.
And not just that, he also tries to justify everything explaining that he has had a traumatic past. Oh , please.

Worst of all is that many women and teenage girls see this individual as the perfect man, just because he's rich and handsome, probably ignoring that he is sick in the head or simply an asshole.
One more time beauty and power is above all things, even if that person is nuts? What if he were ugly or poor, would they be soooo in love? Or would he be a abuser nutjob that they would get away from?

Some people said they liked the book and that although they wouldn't like to be in a relationship like this, still believe that Mr. Grey is the ideal man. What?
Many of these people do not think that these books talk about an abusive relationship, if not a romantic and sexy one, where all the horrible things that says and does the protagonist, he does them because he loves her so much. What?

NO. No one should see in a relationship like this the perfect relationship, it is dangerous and absurd and frankly makes you look like a fool.

I don't understand, I really don't.

Here you have a link to a girl who has read the trilogy and that explains everything much better than me.

Fifty Abusive Moments In Fifty Shades Of Grey

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