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"It's the family name that lives on. It's all that lives on. Not your personal glory, not your honor... but family." 

Tywin Lannister

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1. Mom & Dad: Cersei Lannister & Davos Seaworth

"You are my darling boy, and the world will be exactly as you want it to be." Cersei

"I think mothers and fathers made up the gods because they wanted their children to sleep through the night." Davos

You can say wathever you want about Cersei, but she really loves her children. The only thing I would do, though, is marry someone she likes. She can be quite explosive.

Davos, on the other hand, is not as agressive with his love, but he would be a really protective father. Mostly around fire.

2. Brother & Sister: Tyrion Lannister & Arya Stark

"It's easy for you to preach utter devotion to family when you're making all the decisions." Tyrion

"He knows how to use a sword, and so do I. My brothers taught me." Arya

I think Tyrion would be an amazing big brother. We would have super interesting conversations while we drink our asses off.

Arya is soooo cute I would love to have her as a little sister. I would try to style her hair and she would add me to her list for that. Cute. Cute. Cute.

3. Grandma & Grandpa: Olenna Tyrell & Aemon Targaryen

"My grandson is the pride of Highgarden. The most desirable bachelor in all seven kingdoms." Olenna

"What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms? Or a brother's smile?" Aemon

Olenna is the bad bitch I need as my grandma, a great lady that would bite off the heads of the people who try to harm me.

Maestre Aemon, however, would be the calm and wise grandpa, the one that would give great advise. Probably not on how to match clothes, though.

4. Squad & Boyfriend: Daenerys Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell & Jon Snow

"They are my children. And they are the only children I will ever have... Take me to them." Daenerys

"We may be faced with an alarming number of weddings soon. I won't even know what to call you. Sister? Or Mother?" Margaery

"I may be a bastard, but he is my father and Robb is my brother!" Jon

I could borrow Daenerys and Margaery's clothes, and that's pretty fab. We would be the coolest squad around. Eat your heart out Taylor.

Look at Jon. Look at him. His clothes are badass, he's gorg and has marvelous hair. He has also resurrected and that's pretty cool. He's so beautiful I just wanna... Nevermind.

5. Pets: Ghost & Drogon

"He's not like the others. He never makes a sound. That's why I named him Ghost." Jon

"My dragons made no promises. And you threatened their mother." Daenerys

I couldn't choose one pet, ok? I really like doggies and Ghost is so gorgeous and brave and... Fluffy.

But Drogon is a fucking dragon! How do you say no to having a dragon as a pet? You just don't.

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