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"When you play a game of thrones you win or you die."

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The Book

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin

Joffrey Baratheon by Octoberrine
A GAme of Thrones Cover by Skerppla
Ramsay Bolton by Octoberrine

I almost didn't talk about these two, because I feel like I talk about Game of Thrones every other day, but come on! They are so evil! And we love them because of that. Or hate them. Or both. Don't know.

There're a lot of awful people is these books, but these two... They're scary as shit. They like to torture, and harm and destroy people's lives. Let's just say that they aren't sweet and nice guys, not the boyfriends your parents want to meet. Or you, for that matter.

By the way, I've chose the first book in the series, because as Joffrey and Ramsay don't coincide in any book, this one seemed the best one.

Which are some evil characters that you love to hate? Tell me in the comments below!

The Original Cover 

August 6th 1996

It's ok, but it doesn't depict the epicness of these books. And the throne doesn't look as fucked up as the tv show and our minds made it out to be.

My Country's Covers (Spain)

They're pretty good, honestly. The ones I like the most are the first and last ones, but the cover with Sean Bean it's also nice, 'cause Sean Bean. Even the brown one is interesting, I mean what is that? A wolf, a lion, a fucking bear? Who knows?! Interesting...

Favorite Covers

They're great! The first cover has John Snow and Ghost on it, and that's always nice. The third one is leather bound and features the map, and as we all know a fantasy book isn't a fantasy book without a map. The last one is weird, and scary and original and I love it. And the second cover? Well. it's so beautiful that I want my face to look like that.

Least Favorite Covers

Nope. The first one looks like it was drawn by a semi-talented two year old. The second cover is fugly as hell and besides, that doesn't even look like the Iron Throne. The third one is the autumm-romance/chick-lit adaptation of Game of Thrones. And I don't even understand the fourth cover, what is that behind the Stark sigil? Blood? Why is it so thick and orangy? And put in there so damn awkwardly? Ugh.

And then we have the different versions of "let's grab some random medieval/kinda-of-that-time-or-something looking pic and just photoshop the title over it even if doesn't look like Game of Thrones at all." Done.

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