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"Even betting against myself, I could always find a way to lose."

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The Book

How to Talk to a Widower by Jonathan Tropper

How to Talk to a Widower Quote

One day I was in a bookstore that has pretty cheap books, browsing and browsing and needing to buy at least one, 'cause addiction, ya know?

Then I didn't read that as much fantasy as I do now, I really liked adult contemporary books about twenty-something thrity-somethig dudes with Peter Pan syndrome, so when I saw this one I felt attracted to the cover and the title inmideately.

I didn't know anything about it, so I read the synopsis and I thought that at least it would be an entertainig book and it was only 3€, so if I didn't like I did't care that much.

Well, I loved it. I could identify with the characters and the story read like a movie. It's one of the few books I have reread in my life and I can certainly say that's one of my favorite books 'till this day.

The Original Cover 

4th April 2007

Languages: English, Portuguese

I like it, it's nothing special but the detail with the whisky is nice.

My Country's Covers (Spain)

Language: Spanish

It's the cover that made me buy the book, so I really like it. It's not amazing but it has something.

Favorite Covers

Language: Dutch / Language: English / Language: Italian / Language: Swedish

The one with the bunny it's just funny to me, if you haven't read the book it doesn't make sense and I guess it doesn't say anythig about the book, but it's original and different.

The thing that attracts me about the second one is the bold black background with the pastel letters. I guess the story (as life in general) is made of contrasts.

The third one is weird, but I like it and I don't know exactly why. Jus feels right for the book.

The last one feels romantic and sad, and that's definitely how the main character is.

Least Favorite Covers

Language: Serbian / Language: French / Language: Russian / Languages: English, Finnish, French, German

There isn't an absolutely awful cover that I could find, so that's nice.

The first and last ones are ok, but they look as any romantic comedy would look, and that's not enough.

The second one feels a little too depressing for this story, that although has it's sad moments also has some light ones.

The one with the rabbits has potential, I know what they tried to do and the idea was cool, but that horrible photoshop is a no-no.

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