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"Nerd Love, it is a wonderful thing, while also being an object of mockery and hilarity to those of us who are more sophisticated." 

Magnus Bane

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The Book

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

I finished the year reading this book and I'm starting this one still reading it. And having a pretty epic reading slump because of it. Yay!

I'm not loving it, honestly, it's ok but I'm halfway through it and nothing really exciting has happened yet. And I have other books in my shelf whispering tempting things to me...

Maybe I should leave it for a while? I don't know. Shit! I mean, I bought the fucking box set with the six of them! For cheap, sure, but damn. 

The Original Cover 

First published March 27th 2007

Languages: English, Danish, French, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Norwegian, Dutch, Latvian, Croatian, Russian, Serbian, Thai, Romanian, Indonesian, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, French, Italian

It's pretty cheesy but in a cool kind of way? I don't know.

My Country's Covers (Spain)

1. Spanish
2. Spanish, English, Romanian, Italian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, French, German, Estonian, Danish. Dutch
3. Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan

I don't understand why they decided to use the City of Ashes covers for the first book, but ya know... It's ok, I guess.

The cover in the middle, nope. No to the movie adaptation covers! Especially if the movie was a flop...

Favorite Covers

1. English, Dutch
2. English, Spanish
3. Czech
4. English, Russian

The first cover is pretty detailed, cool and original.

The second and third ones are really beautiful and striking and with a really dark feel to them.

And the last one, even though it's kinda conventional, has something. And it's the one I own so...

Least Favorite Covers

1. Czech
2. Ukrainian
3. Slovak
4. Bulgarian

Who the hell made these awful covers? A blind monkey? Fuck. There's a lot of fugly covers for this book, but these ones are ginormous fails.

They all look like they were made by someone who hasn't even heard about the word photoshop and that thinks the characters should either look like scary ass cyborg-aliens or the frumpy cousins of The Sims. Please stop it.

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