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"Some writers enjoy writing, I am told. Not me. I enjoy having written." 

George R.R. Martin

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This week was a freebie so I decided to talk about one of my favorite topics: Game of Thrones.

This series (both the books and the tv show) have amazing characters and it's pretty difficult to choose which ones are the best. 

I tried. I really tried to choose only 10, but I couldn't do it. There're too many! 

This list is based mainly on the tv show, because I'm more familiar with it and I haven't finished the books yet (two to go, well... More if Mr. Martin decides to fucking write again...).

This is more or less in order. But not really. But it kinda is. But not? I don't know! The only thing I know it's that the top 3 are the top 3 for sure.

Here are my 15 favorite Game of Thrones characters plus some honorable mentions.

15. Tormund Giantsbane


"Plenty of little men tried to put their swords through my heart. And there's plenty of little skeletons buried in the woods."

A wildling with a heart of gold. And a love for tall, blond and badass women. That look! We all want someone that looks at us that way.

14. Bronn


"There’s no cure for being a cunt."

He's funny as hell and I need a buddy comedy movie about him and Tyrion, like yesterday. Pretty please?

13. Sandor Clegane


"Someone bring me a drink... Fuck the water, bring me wine!"

He's like a big teddy bear inside! I just know it! A big teddy bear with a murderous side. But nobody's perfect...

12. Sansa Stark


"This isn't a strange place, this is my home. It's the people who are strange."

At the beginning she was an annoying teenager but she has grown up so much! I like her more every season.

11. Lady Olenna


"Walk with me. I know the walls have ears, but apparently the shrubbery does, too."

She's the sassy bitch we all hope to be some day. She does what she wants and doesn't care about what other people think.

10. Lyanna Mormont


"The north remembers. We know no king but the king in the North whose name is Stark. I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my king from this day until his last day."

She's a determined and smart ten year old kid in charge of a group of grown men who respect her. In a world as sexist as this one that's amazing. What's not to like?

9. Jon Snow


"Some men want whores on the eve of battle, and some want gods."

He's gorgeous and has the best hair in the seven kingdoms. He's nice and brave and all, but that's pretty much it. He doesn't have much more going for him besides that, but a girl has to eat, ya know?

8. Cersei Lannister


"The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy."

She's so evil, intelligent and glamorous! We all love to hate her. But she's something more too. She is vulnerable when no one is watching, and that makes her a lot more interesting.

7. Brienne of Tarth

"All my life men like you have sneered at me. And all my life I've been knocking men like you into the dust."

She could kick everybody's ass north of the Wall but she wouldn't if they didn't deserve it. She's a really good person and there aren't a lot of those in Westeros.

6. Margaery Tyrell


"We may be faced with an alarming number of weddings soon. I won't even know what to call you. Sister? Or Mother?"

She's gorg, she's fab and her fashion sense is stupendous. She's just a cool gal. But not only that, she's also kind and smart.

5. Davos Seaworth


"I think mothers and fathers made up the gods because they wanted their children to sleep through the night."

I was saying that Brienne is one of the good ones, Davos is another one. He's so nice and adorable I just want to hug him! He's a genuinely good guy.

4. Melisandre


"There's only one hell, Princess. The one we live in now."

First, I need her hair and all her clothes. And her skin. Second, she looks like a villain but she never felt like one to me. She thought she was doing good, and I always saw that goodness and vulnerabily behind all of her fire crap.

3. Arya Stark


“Swift as a deer. Quiet as a Shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords."

I want a daughter like her. Scratch that. I want to BE her. She's brave and bright. She knows who she is and who she wants to be, even if that makes her go a little bit dark.

2. Tyrion Lannister


"It's hard to put a leash on a dog once you've put a crown on its head."

He's one of the sexiest male characters of this series and I'm not just saying that. His sense of humor, cleverness, personality, compassion and brain make me horny. Ups.

1. Daenerys Targaryen


"Woman? Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap if I took you for a man."

She's the fucking mother of dragons, for goodness sake! But apart from that she's so much more. She's beautiful in a lot of ways, she wants to change the world, she has a good soul but is ambitious. She's a great role model. And also... Dragons.

Honorable Mentions: 

The Three Dragons (Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal), the Five Direwolves (Ghost, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog and Grey Wind), Jaime Lannister, Varys, Jorah Mormont, Lyanna Stark, Hodor, Osha, Podrick Payne, Ros, Syrio Forel, Maester Aemon, Oberyn Martell...

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  1. Fun list! I love Arya and in the books Jaime is AWESOME (I like him on the show too but book Jaime... yeah). Davos is the man and Melisandre... yes! She is badass and you get more of her in books too.

    Margaery, Lyanna, Tormund... this is a great list.

    1. Thank you!

      There are so many amazing characters both on the tv show and the books that it could be a really looooong list lol.


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