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jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

WRAP-UP (#6): JULY 2016

This month was pretty good! 

Ok... So most of the books were pretty short and two of them were audiobooks, but I do what I can! Don't push me, damn it!

By the way, for now, I'm not going to do more tbrs 'cause my rebel heart doesn't want to follow them. 

What have you read this past month? Tell me in the comments!

domingo, 3 de julio de 2016

WRAP-UP (#5): MAY & JUNE 2016

After the reading debacle that was April, May wasn't that bad, was it? 

Spring, you know? You have your beautiful flowers, your annoying as all hell alergies, a too fucking hot weather that makes you think that you're gonna die when summer is in it's full force and a funcioning brain that finally decides to know how to read. 

Yeah... And then, June came. And it was shity again.

Anyway, what have you been reading? As always, tell me in the comments!

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

WRAP-UP (#4): APRIL 2016

Well... That was a fucking epic fail... As I predicted.

I read the first one fairly quickly, I listened to the audiobook whenever I could, but the third one... It took me most part of the month. I don't know... I liked it, but my brain didn't want to cooperate. It was like: "What even is reading?"

Reading slumps are bitches. They don't even care that you're actually enjoying the book. They're just there to fuck with you. And your monthly Wrap-Up.

So... Three books. This month I've read three goddamned books. Cute.

What have you read this month? Did you do better than me? Tell me in the comments below!

jueves, 7 de abril de 2016

WRAP-UP (#3): MARCH 2016

This month I've read 5 complete books and I've finished an audiobook. Who is this person that is impersonating me? Have I been possessed by someone that reads a fairly good amount of books? Probably.


Este mes he leído 5 libros completos y he acabado un audiolibro. ¿Quién es esta persona que me está suplantando? ¿He sido poseída por alguien que lee una cantidad bastante decente de libros? Probablemente.

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016


Este mes he leído cuantro libros, otra vez, y con poca variedad.

Sobredosis de libros de Pequeñas Mentirosas. Con sus alegres, coloridas, chillonas, llenas de muñecas portadas, sus personajes amienemigos maliciosos, sus misterios OMG, sus "soy demasiado mayor para este jodido drama adolescente" tipo de tema.

Ha sido algo así como un mes quinceañero. Y ha sido fabuloso.

Saga Pequeñas Mentirosas de Sara Shepard


This month I read four books, again, and with little variety.

Pretty Little Liars's books overdose. With their cheerful, colorful, flashy, doll-filled covers, their bitchy frenemy characters, their OMG mysteries, their "I'm too old for this teenage drama shit" kind of deal.

It was a teenybopper kind of month. And it was fabulous.

Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard

martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

WRAP-UP (#1): JANUARY 2016

Late. So late. Too many things to write. Too many posts to post. I was even going to do a TBR for February, but... It's just soooo freaking late. I'm not gonna.

I read four books this month, kind ofish...

It's an ok number for me but I know some people reads like twenty-something (or two hundred or whatever the hell) books a month, which sometimes makes me feel like a failure and an illiterate pig, but I have I life, you know?

I have things to do, like... whatching a bunch of tv shows... and booktube videos... and stuff...

(Spoilers may be ahead, consider yourself warned.)


Tarde. Tan tarde. Demasiadas cosas que escribir. Demasiados posts que publicar. Iba incluso a hacer un TBR (to be read - por leer) para Febrero, pero... Es taaaan jodidamente tarde. No voy a hacerlo.

He leído cuatro libros este mes, más o menillos...

Es un número que está bien para mi pero sé que algunas personas leen como veintialgo (o doscientos o lo que cojones sea) libros al mes, lo que a veces me hace sentir como un fracaso y  una cerda analfabeta, pero tengo una vida, ¿sabes?

Tengo cosas que hacer, como... mirar un montón de series de tv... y vídeos de booktube... y cosas...

(Pueden haber Spoilers más adelante, considérate  advertid@)

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