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"Books are a uniquely portable magic." 

Stephen King

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"Blend in. don't make waves. Don't look up.' That was the mantra I lived by. But not today."


Every other day, Kali D'Angelo is a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She goes to high school. She argues with her father.

She's human.

But every other day... she's not.

Though she's not quite sure what she is on those days, Kali knows what she does – she hunts, traps, and kills demons, hellhounds, and other supernatural creatures that threaten her world. On those days, she is practically indestructible.

But when Kali notices a mark on a popular girl at school, she knows instantly that the girl is marked for death by one of these unworldly beings. And she knows she only has twenty-four hours to save her.

There's only one problem – it's the wrong twenty-four hours.

"I can’t believe my little sister is such a nerd. You should find yourself a boyfriend. A non-fictional one."


Zoe loved the fictitious world of Worrock.
But she never expected to actually end up there.

Twenty-four year old book worm and blogger Zoe Graves was looking forward to the fourth
and final instalment of her favourite book saga - The Augustin Chronicles. The evening was
meant to be spent in line at the local bookstore with other fangirls and boys, maybe even meeting
the author, and ultimately spending the night with the dreamiest hero of them all, Lucien de Forest, and the love of his life, Noomi Augustin.

But somewhere someone thought otherwise.

Confused and hurt after at mugging by the bookstore, Zoe is somehow pulled into
another world. She suddenly finds herself in a snow-covered landscape, witnessing a bloody
fight far away from the English summer.

Left to rely on the help from the rather reluctant Matis who is out to kill Zoe’s all-time favourite
fictional couple, Zoe figures that her role in the story is to prevent him from succeeding.

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  1. Great picks I haven't read either of these books but they both looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Here is my #FFF. New Follower on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and e-mail


    1. Thank you for your comment!

      They are pretty good!

      I will surely check your post out!



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