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Game of Thrones is probably my favorite tv show right now, and one of my favorites of all time, so I've decided to do an episode commentary every week, just because.

I know it's a little different of what I usually do, because it's not excatly about books, but... I wanna, so yeah.

"I will not lie with you. And I will bear no children, for you, or anyone else. Not until the sun rises in the west, and sets in the east." 
Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones 6x01 Promo


  • Finally, we can hear the theme song again! Fuck yeah! Chills all over.
  • The fuckers just left Jon there. WTH.

  • Oh, Ghost. You killin' me.
  • Davos, why are you looking at the blood for that long? Mmmmm...

  • "I saw him in the flames, fighting in Winterfell." No shit. Melisandre, do it, just do it.
  • Melisandre looking at Jon like: "Why you dead? You cannot die 'cause you're too prettaaay!"
  • Thorne, do all of us a favor and just die already. For fucks sake.
  • Little shit whose name I don't care to remember... I don't want you dead because you're a kid, but can you disapear? Pretty please?
  • Oh, Ghost. You killin' me. Again.
  • Ramsay, you fucking psycho. You have just one moment of something near humanity and then: "She's good meat, feed her to the hounds." Lol.

  • Roose Bolton is a passive-agressive bitch.
  • Run, Sansa, run. And also Theon.
  • That choker kind of deal looks fab on Theon.
  • Is it me or does he look more atractive now? Just me? Ok.

  • Doggies! Violent doggies.
  • Brienne is the most badass character that the God of badassery has created. Ever.
  • For a second I thought Podrick wan Gendry and I didn't understand anything... I don't even know...
  • You go Podrick! Kill them! Kill them all! You're more than your penis!
  • Cryin'. Brienne the (not so lucky) protector.

  • Where did the hounds go? Maybe Myranda's meat is ready for them?
  • Cersei slaying with short hair. No shame.

  • Cersei may be an evil bitch, but her life is really messed up and she really loves her children. I like her.
  • "Fuck prophecies." That's right. Find that witch and kick her ass.
  • Septa Unella, you're a ray of sunshine, aren't you?

  • High Sparrow, don't do good cop, it doesn't suit you. You're cray cray, embrace it. And then die.
  • Margaery, you are really rocking that dirty prisoner look like a boss.
  • Dorne, so pretty.
  • Ellaria... You want to avenge your lovers death, so what do you do...? You kill his brother... Okidoky.
  • Well, it's official, I fucking hate the Sand Snakes. Mostly that back-stabbing (or should I say head-stabbing? Lol?) bitch with the spear.
  • Trystane, your poor beautiful, beautiful face.
  • I love the Varys and Tyrion scenes. Just bitching around.

  • "It's a good thing you're not a boy amymore... Because you don't have a cock." You gotta love Tyrion's fine sense of humor.
  • Jorah and Daario. Two sexy bros just broing out.
  • Dothraki douchebags, with the sense of humor of a dumb twelve year old boy, keep whipping and making fun of Daenerys. She's gonna fuck you up.
  • We have found the only rapist Dothraki that thinks women have to talk: "I like to talk when I'm finished. Otherwise, we might as well be dogs." Sooooo feminist. Fuck off.
  • This is starting to look like the Dothraki comedy hour.

  • Khaleesi, you tell 'em!
  • "It is known." Stop it.
  • When Arya recovers she's going to kick your annoying ass beyond the Wall and back, you irritating bitch-face.

  • Thorne, "It will end with blood." Yes, yours motherfucker.
  • "What's one redhead going to do against forty armed men?" Bitch, please.
  • Sad Melisandre likes to get naked, as much as Evil Melisandre does. Who knew?
  • What? Whaaat? Who...? What? WHAT????

  • "The night is dark and full of terrors." And old as hell Melisandre is one of them. It's making me sad, disturbed and scared. And also it's making me want to put LOADS of moisturizer all over my body.

  • Soooo... Nobody remembered to resucitate Jon Snow, right? Damn.

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