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"Fuck him, then. Fuck all of them. I'm not a devout man, obviously. Seven gods, drowned gods, tree gods, it's all the same. I'm not asking the lord of light for help. I'm asking the woman who showed me that miracles exist."  

Davos Seaworth

Game of Thrones 6x02 Promo


  • Nana nananana nananana nananana nananaaaaaaa
  • Now we know what Bran has been doing all last season... Chilling in the woods, having visions  and warging and shit.

  • Little Ned with a head! And Benjen and Lyanna! Cool! God, I love flashbacks. 
  • Wylis? Who? What? Whaaat? And he talks? Whaaaaaaat? What the hell happened to him?

  • Stay in the flashback! Don't go! Stay! Come on...
  • "It's been 84 years..." The dudes with the crossbows.

  • "I’ve never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you’re about to see." Davos is adorable and badass all at the same time. Don't ever die, ok?
  • Cute little Ghost, rip their throats out.
  • Fuck yeah! Wildlings!

  • Don't shoot a Giant with a tiny arrow, you dumb bitch... God.
  • It smells like chicken poop rigth now.
  • The barmaid's eye roll. Lol. She's all of us.
  • "You talking shit 'bout ma Queen?" Clonk. 

  • Metaphor time: Cersei is taking out a thread from her sleeve. Her dress is unraveling, just like her life. Boom! I'm smart!
  • The Mountain is like a puppy dog. A giant, monstrous, awfully scary and zombie like puppy dog.
  • Fucking eye stones. Goddamnit, they're creepy.

  • Tommen is so adorable that he's gonna die like yesterday.
  • Jaime being all serious and sensible, like... Dude, come on, two days ago you had the emotional maturity of an egg.
  • God. I hate this High Sparrow dude. So high and mighty. Agh.
  • OMG! Cersei is such a good mom! Love her.

  • We need a Tyrion and Varys spinoff right now! In the Odd Couple style. I'd watch the hell out of that.
  • "That's what I do. I drink and I know things." I need Tyrion to write all my one-liners and my life in general.
  • "Oh, shit." Graphic definition.

  • "I'm here to help. Don't eat the help." The way Peter Dinklage says it it's perfect, like always.
  • Tyrion is a dragon fanboy! He's one of us!
  • Ok. Crying. This is too beautiful. I can't. I just can't.

  • The dragons can be Varys and Tyrion's pets in the spinoff I'm creating.
  • Bitch-face, stop hitting Arya right this moment!
  • Arya is amazing. So brave. I would be like: "Sexy weirdo, my name is Arya Stark, I can give you my mesures and social security number and all my passwords, just give me my eyes!"

  • "You'll always be my first born." Oh, father-son love!
  • And... It's over. Bye, Lord Bolton. You won't be missed.

  • Walda, don't give him the baby. He's gonna kill the baby. Take the baby back. Don't follow him. God, Walda!
  • Nop. Nop. Nop. Nop. Nop. He's opening the hounds's cages. Nop. Nop. Nop. Nop. Nop.

  • So... He feed Walda and the baby to the dogs... I'm going to go watch Hannah Montana or something like that for a while. I fucking hate this show.
  • I'm back.
  • "What happened in Winterfell?" Shit, what didn't?

  • "I should have gone with you when I had the chance." No shit, Sherlock.
  • Sansa forgiving Theon. Crying. I fucking love this show.
  • Buh bye Balon Greyjoy, you irritating old fart.

  • Vote Yara for Iron Queen!
  • Davos has read all the fan theories and we all know it.
  • I love Davos and Melisandre's scenes. I ship them. I ship them so hard.
  • I don't think washing Jon is part of the ritual, I think she's doing it just because she really wants to.

  • Not the hair! Don't cut that marvelous hair!
  • I love Melisandre's vulnerability, insecurity and sadness, it makes her more human. Because before was just an Ice Queen, which is quite ironic.
  • Is it weird to say that I find Jon's dead body pretty? Nah...

  • He's alive! He's alive!
  • But as what?

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