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*Covers War Wednesday was created by the lovely Mariana from the awesome blog Book Is Glee.

Cress time!! These book covers are pretty cute, but most of them haven't impressed me that much. Except the english one, that it's my favorite of the usual designs (Maybe. I don't know. My opinion changes a little bit too much.)

By the way, why almost none of them show Cress' face? It's all hair. I know it's the main trait of the character at the beginning, but come on...

She's much more. She's smart, brave and sweet and has an adorable relationship with Thorne (oh, Thorne, you charming and beautiful bastard...)

Anyway, which cover is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

★★★★★ 5/5

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek

I love this one, look at that long and glamorous braid. Beautiful. So beautiful. But we know that already, so let's move on.

Language: Bulgarian

Thank you Bulgaria for giving me disheartening hair-style envy. 

When I get married (or if I become a enchanting and delightful fairy tale princess. It could happen...) I know who's gonna do my hair. The birds, deer and other forest creatures that, without doubt, did hers.

★★★★☆ 4.5/5

Language: Swedish

I really like this cover, it has a kinda emo-goth vibe to it with the drama queen tears all over her face and everything (even though Cress is pretty cheery).

And I love her amazing red hair (even though Cress is a blonde) that goes on for forever and that, thank God, covers all the random naked boobage that is going on.

Language: French

This is sooo pretty! And I'm a weak ass for pretty covers. I love all the colors, the amazing hair and the melancholy that evokes. 

She's just standing, observing longingly at the world from afar without being a part of it. Damn, now I'm sad. Thanks France.

★★★★☆ 4/5

Language: Czech

This cover is great 'cause sums up quite well what the character is about. A girl that wants to be on Earth and not in a teensy-weensy satellite, with nobody to talk to besides a bitchy mother figure.

So, if I like it that much... why hasn't got more stars? Maybe it's that unfocused rounded redish thingy that it's bothering me. Or maybe because if I gave all of them the same amount of stars it would be boring as hell.

Language: Thai

I'm a little bit on the fence with this one. On one hand you have Cress dressed with something I could see her wearing and rocking the long blond braid, looking at the Earth with the reflection of computers on the window.

On the other hand it looks a little bit too cartoonish for my taste. Agghhh! I don't know! I mean, gave it 4 stars so it must be pretty cool, but there are other I like more, I guess. Decisions, decisions.

Language: Russian

Pretty cute. It's fairly similar to the french one, but I like it a little bit less because you can't see the background as much. But it's really beautiful nonetheless.

And OMG, guuurrrlll. That luscious hair! Love it. Want it. Need it.

★★★☆ 3/5

Language: Turkish

Yeah... It's fine, but maybe a little bit boring? I don't know, I just don't love it, I guess. A lot of face and not much of anything else.

One really positive thing I have to say about this cover is that the braid and the feather earing look fab as fuck.

Language: Vietnamese

I really like that her hair looks like it's saying "fuck it, I don't care about no gravity". That is one sassy hair and everybody needs that.

But besides that I think it's a little bit too dark and simple, it could have a lot more detail and character.

Language: Portuguese

It's nice, and sweet and cute. And fuchsia. So fuchsia.

What can I say? I'm not really feeling the love, I'm just feeling the "meh, it's pretty ok".

Language: Vietnamese

Something about this hair bothers me, at first I even thought it was a bride veil, and I was like WTH, who is marrying? So... Yeah, nop.  It's too white, too straight, too fake.

And the posture and attitude seems nothing like Cress, honestly. Is it an awful cover? Not at all, it's pretty cool, but it doesn't give the feelings that Cress and the book give me.


Language: German

 Again with the boring-ass, diccionary type of thing. Nop. Don't like.

While the Cinder book had shoes making the pattern that were kinda cool, and the Scarlet one had little wolfs that were pretty cool, there's really nothing cool about this one. What are those? Weird looking fish? Golden maggots? Another type of creepy-crawly? No... They are cut pieces of human braided hair. That's just disturbing.

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