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Do you think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best thing that happened to tv (and also life)? Of course you do, 'cause you're not crazy...

Are you looking for books that can calm the fuck down your withdrawal symptoms and your absolute despair? Keep reading...

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seasons 8, 9 and 10 by Joss Whedon and Others

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seasons 8, 9 and 10 by Joss Whedon and Others

"The thing about changing the world... Once you do it, the world's all different. Everybody calls me "ma'am" these days."


Obviously. What better thing to replace the tv show than the canon sequels?

I have read other Buffy graphic novels and they're good, but if you want to get the pure whedonesque feel read these ones.

Mini Summary (Season 8)

After the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers--newly legion--have gotten organized, but it's not long before new and old enemies begin popping up.

Buffy, Xander, Willow, and a very different Dawn are introduced to the season's big bad, Twilight. Meanwhile, rebel Slayer Faith teams up with Giles to handle a menace on the other side of the Atlantic. It's a dirty job, and Faith is just the girl to do it!

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2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Watcher's Guides by Christopher Gonden, Nancy Holder and Paul Ruditis

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Watcher's Guides by Christopher Gonden, Nancy Holder and Paul Ruditis

"As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their members. She is the Slayer."


I'm sure you know everything about Buffy because you're a geek like me, but maybe you just want to remember.

Confession time! I used to read the info of each episode before watching it even I knew it by heart 'cause I don't have a life.

Mini Summary: 

Exclusive Interviews, Totally Pointy Profiles, Behind-the-Scenes Info, and Other Buff-stuff About the Hit Show. Don't be caught dead without "The Watcher's Guide".

3. The Cabin in the Woods by Tim Lebbon, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard

The Cabin in the Woods by Tim Lebbon, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard

"Alright, I'm drawin' a line in the fuckin' sand: do not read the Latin!"


Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard wrote the awesome movie and although they didn't write the book you know it's gonna be just fab.

It's a LOT gorier than Buffy but it has the same kind of humor. I mean, a dude getting impaled by a unicorn is just funny.

Mini Summary: 

You think you know the story. Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen. If you think you know the story, think again.

4. Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

"Don't think this means I'm giving up. There's more than one way to decapitate a hellhound, and as it so happens, I know them all."


Just a girl. Yeah right. Buffy and Kali will never be just girls. They have the power to kill all the creepy and evil creatures of the world. The only difference is that Kali is a super-person just every other day (hence the title) and that enjoys her destiny quite a bit.

We also have a nice group of supporting characters that are sort of a Scooby Gang. The weirdo, the mean bitch, the dreamy guy and the monster that maybe is not as monstrous as "omgsocute".

Mini Summary: 

Every other day, Kali D’Angelo is a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She goes to public high school. She argues with her father. She’s human. And then every day in between . . . she’s something else entirely.

5. Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

"I had just killed a teacher. With my shoe."


Buffy and Harper have something in common, besides being fabulous queen bees (at least at the beginning of their stories), they have a fucked up destimy that some dudes chose for them. They thank you Watcher's Council and random janitor guy.

I mean, for people whose biggest problem before was if their shoes matched their bag, being chosen to protect and save people can be a considerable headache. Blood doesn't go well with every outfit, you know?

Mini Summary: 

Harper Price, peerless Southern belle, was born ready for a Homecoming tiara. But after a strange run-in at the dance imbues her with incredible abilities, Harper's destiny takes a turn for the seriously weird. She becomes a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with agility, super strength and lethal fighting instincts.

6. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

"If people knew what I was up to, they'd probably try to stop me. The idiots would take Casper's side, and then I'd have to kill Casper and them after Casper bit their throats out. I'm no superhero."


Cas is a hunter that is used to kill ghosts until she finds Anna and feels something different.

Buffy is a slayer that is used to kill vampires until she finds Angel and then Spike and the Angel again and... You know. Paranormal love and angst.

Mini Summary: 

Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead. Searching for a ghost the locals call Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas expects the usual: track, hunt, kill. What he finds instead is a girl entangled in curses and rage, a ghost like he's never faced before.

Since her death, Anna has killed any and every person who has dared to step into the deserted Victorian she used to call home. Yet she spares Cas's life.

7. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

"Apparently, a woman can only go so long without a sword between her hands."


Clever, witty and badass blondes who have to kill even if they don't want to? Check. Realistic female friendship? Check. Guys who will fight to win her love and consequently will annoy the hell out of her? Check. 

Just read it, you will like it. And if you don't? Oh, well!

Mini Summary: 

After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin.

8. Zoe + The Demon Slayer by Neel Kay

Zoe + The Demon Slayer by Neel Kay

"I can’t believe my little sister is such a nerd. You should find yourself a boyfriend. A non-fictional one."


Does the name remind you of something? Come on. Come on.

The plot is not that similar, but the setting reminded me of  Pylea, the demon dimension in season 2 of Angel, I don't even know why. So, technically what I'm talking about  is not Buffy, but I do what I can! Sorry...

Mini Summary: 

Zoe loved the fictitious world of Worrock. But she never expected to actually end up there.

She suddenly finds herself in a snow-covered landscape, left to rely on the help from the rather reluctant Matis who is out to kill Zoe’s all-time favourite fictional couple, Lucien de Forest and Noomi Augustin.

9. Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

"There wouldn't be so many stories about vampires and zombies and other weird creatures if they didn't really exist."


I was a fan of creepy before Buffy, so I used to love Gossebumps. The characters were around my age and the stories were spooky and fun.

I know they are not the same, but I think these series would be perfect for younger readers that love Buffy but don't want to get really scared.

Mini Summary: 

Goosebumps is a series of children's horror fiction novellas created and authored by R.L. Stine. Sixty-two books were published under the Goosebumps umbrella title from 1992 to 1997, the first being Welcome to Dead House, and the last being Monster Blood IV.

10. How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith

How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith

"I suggest you stick close, pay attention, and avoid breaking the Terrorverse's only commandment: Thou shall not be stupid."


Buffy has super-powers and a lineage and a destiny and yadayadayada, but us, mere mortals have to read survival guides so we don't get our faces eaten by zombies o get killed by a teddy bear or a toaster or something humiliating like that.

If at some point of your life you have wished you were Buffy (and I know you have, don't lie to me), you should read this book so you can at least try to defend yourself with a little bit of dignity.

Mini Summary: 

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. 

From ghosts, vampires, and zombies to serial killers, cannibalistic hillbillies, and haunted Japanese videocassettes, How to Survive a Horror Movie shows how to defeat every obstacle found in scary films.

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