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*Covers War Wednesday was created by the lovely Mariana from the awesome blog Book Is Glee.

I've chosen Cinder as the first book for this meme because there are a SHITLOAD of different covers and most of them are pretty amazing.

I would love to know which it's your favorite! You can tell me in the comments.

★★★★★ 5/5

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Indonesian, Hungarian, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Hebrew

Language: Thai

I've chosen these two as the best ones because besides being beatiful, they tell you something about the story.

You're not gonna find a delicate princess here, you're going to read about a badass cyborg with a mechanical leg. In heels.

Cover 1: I'm not gonna talk about the first one 'cause we all have seen it and loved it already.

Cover 2: But the second one... Well done thai people. Everything, from the dress, the hand, the leg, the moon to the typography. This looks like badassery in cover form.

★★★★☆ 4.5/5

Languages: Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish, Turkish

Language: Swedish

Soo, soooo pretty. They are so gorgeous that the girly girl inside of me cannot breath.

With all honesty, I think I like these ones more than the ones with 5 stars, but they could be about any princess in any world.

Cover 1: Look at that dress! Look at that shoe! They are just splendiferous. But what is that? A Barbie leg? Almost, book cover, almost.

Cover 2: Again, look at that dress! Look at that mask! They are just fantabulous. Look at that doll face with... Is that BLOND hair...? Yes, I care.

★★★★☆ 4/5

Languages: Spanish, Catalan

Language: Russian

Language: Portuguese

These ones are pretty good, but they aren't making me cry because I will never be that beautiful, you know? So...

Cover 1: I get it, they wanted to make it more similar to the Disney movie with the crystal shoe and all that but it looks kind of washed out. Team red all the way.

Cover 2: This one is pretty great, I love the colors and the moon and I thought about giving it more stars, but that doesn't look like a cyborg leg, it looks like a Spice Girl boot.

Cover 3: This one it's just too cute, I sort of wanna eat it because looks like cotton candy. Does that seem like Cinder to you? Nop.


Languages: Czech, Italian

Language: Turkish

Language: Russian

Language: Vietnamese

Let's go with the "meh" and "why did you messed it up like that" ones.

Cover 1: Who dat girl? Is she Queen Levana? Is she Maleficent's less known cousin? Because I'm sure as hell that's not Cinder.

Cover 2: This one is basically a version of the original but with a shoe that is bothering me for some reason.

Cover 3: Almost. The pic is pretty cool, with the tattooed ballerina just chillin' in space but... Why, oh why did someone thought it was a good idea to put those humongous letters on there?

Cover 4: The meh one. I guess it's cute and she has pretty red shoes on, and you can see her circuits while she stands on the moon... But yeah, a little bit meh.

★★★☆ 3/5

Language: Korean

Language: German

These ones are so boring and so blue...

Cover 1: Again with the Barbie leg. I know she can be a lawyer and a doctor and a mermaid, but she is no cyborg.

Cover 2: Boring and blue. I honestly have nothing else to say.


Language: German

What? What is that? A dictionary? So you have all the other options and you decide to do this boring ass cover? Right. Is not that it's ugly, for a notebook... But no, just no.

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