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There's toooo many things I love about books so I couldn't narrow it down to 10. So... Here are my 13 bookworm delights. Which are yours?

1. Looking at bookish pictures

Instagram is a good way to die of envy. I could look through it all day.

You can find amazing pictures of beautiful books, ginormous bookshelves, gorgeous reading nooks and a never-ending array of swoon worthy photos.

2. The "finishing a book" and "just one more chapter" feelings

I have a love-hate relationship with these two feelings, as we all do, I guess. 

When I finish a great book I end up with a weird feeling, something between an immense excitement and the thought of "oh God, why?" as I stare at the last page for like three minutes.

The "just one more chapter" one is a cool feeling, in theory. That means that you're loving the story, but then, when it's four in the morning and you can't stop reading... Well... Zombie face.

3. Everything about second hand books

Firstly, they are cheap. That's cool. And besides that, sometimes you can find hand made inscriptions. That's cool too.

And the best of all, you can imagine who has read the book, and the story behind it.

4. Receiving books in the mail

Christmas whenever you want. What else do you want in life?

That feeling of anticipation when you're expecting a book... It's the best! And then, when they arrive you can rip open the box and uglycry.

5. Discovering new / favorite books and authors

Sometimes by chance, when you go to a bookstore and you pick up something that looks cool, and then it becomes one of your favorite books or authors.

Or after 48 sleepless hours searching through Goodreads and stalking bloggers and booktubers.

6. Looking at and organizing my books

Color Coded Bookshelf
I don't have an amazing bookshelf, or even a bookshelf per se, but I love to look how beautiful my books are and to organize them.

Someday I will do it by colors. Someday...

7. The awesome smell of books

Book Scents
Dear sweet Jesus, I love smelling books. I don't care if they're old or new or not even mine.

I love it so much, that sometimes I don't realise I'm doing it until I see the weirded out faces around me. I'm not a freak, you're the freak!

8. Pretty cover designs

Who doesn't love stunning book covers? I mean, pretty much all of us judge a book by it's cover, even if we don't want to admit it.

So if a book has a gorgeous cover we'll probably be more interested. And our bookshelves will look amazing, and that's always a plus.

9. The next book in a series or by your favorite author being released

We all suffer the exasperating agony of waiting a year (or even several years!) for the next book in a series to come out. It's pretty awful.

So when the book finally gets released we all make a group sigh of relief and buy it, even if we don't have the money. We just need to, you know?

10. Talking about books

Talking About Books
The majority of the people around me doesn't read, and if they do, usually it's not the same as me, so I can't discuss books with anybody.

That's what this blog is for! And also some lucky people around me that let me do monologues about books they don't care about.

11. Discovering and buying cool merchandising of your favorite books

I really would like to buy neat stuff like action figures, and replicas and all that, but they're expensive and I don't feel like selling my organs just yet.

So I thank you, Nerd God, for Pop Funko figures, cool bookmarks and other stuff that we, the poor geeks, can buy. For the rest... I just keep dreaming...

12. Spending hours in bookstores

I LOVE being in bookstores. Like literally, just standing in one makes me happy. It's like another world that contains other little worlds.

It's great just looking through the shelves and finding new books. Damn, now I want to buy all the books.

13. Just the amazing feeling of reading

Reading opens up your mind, it makes you feel that you can do and be anything you want and it transports you to other worlds and other lives.

Just read. It's pretty amazing.

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