jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016


Do you wanna know me better? No? It's ok, I'm gonna do it anyway.

My blog my rules.

  1. My favorite book when I was little was Una Hermana como Danny (A Sister like Danny) by Rolf Krenzer. A book that I read for school about a boy and her sister, who has down syndrome.

  2. When I was older I usually hated the books in our school reading list, so most of the time I didn't even bother.

  3. The books that really got me into reading were the Goosebumps collection by R.L. Stine.

  4. I still want to collect them all.

  5. The first book I read in english (besides some Buffy guides) was Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen, because I really liked the movie.

  6. I (almost) always read in english, although my first language is spanish.

  7. My favorite genres are: fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, thriller, mystery and horror (even though, the three last ones, I don't read as much as I would like)

  8. My least favorite genres are: cute contemporary teen romances, chick-lit and romances in general.

  9. I'm in Goodreads since 2012 but I put up my first review just yesterday.

  10. I want to be a writer.

  11. I used to write movie scripts and short stories, now (and with now, I mean since a looong time ago) I 'm in the middle of my first novel.

  12. I would love to work for a small publishing company or, even better, have my own. 

  13. When I was younger I used to read more adult books than now that I'm an adult. I blame you, booktube.

  14. I would love to make youtube videos about books, but I would probably stammer my way trough and I would be pretty akward. No one wants to see that.

  15. Don't ask me about my favorite author or book. I have no idea.

  16. I don't have a proper bookshelf and I really need one. Or five.

  17. Not a lot of people around me really reads that much, and the ones that do have really different tastes to mine.

  18. I don't go the library, I prefer to buy my books. And be poor.

  19. I sometimes judge a book by it's cover. Sorry.

  20. It makes me really sad to know that i will never be able to read all the books I want to read. Sniff. Sniff.

  21. If I could I would spend (almost) all my money in books.

  22. I read more series than stan-alones.

  23. When I first get a book, sometimes I read the first page, even if I'm reading something else and I'm not gonna continue it at that moment.

  24. Sometimes, when I was younger, I dog-eared the pages of my books (God... I know). Now I always have a bookmark at hand.

  25. I love everything about books. Smelling them, touching them, being around them, talk about them, look for more books to read, going to bookstores. Oh, and reading them, obviously.

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